April 19, 2016

The Chardon Schools Foundation is pleased to announce we have awarded nearly $10,000 in funding in the 2016 Spring grant cycle.

  • Academic Decathlon, Allen Herner. Academic Decathlon, a zero-period class, researches a subject matter using a multidisciplinary approach. Students compete against other districts in knowledge of the subject through writing, interviews and oral presentations. Next year's Academic Decathlon will focus on World War II. CSF awarded $2,195 to purchase required curriculum materials for Academic Decathlon.
  • Virtual Reality with Google Cardboard and Android devices, Nicole Diehm. Google Cardboard used with smart device technology allows teachers to take students on a virtual exploration anywhere in the world and will be an exciting tool for multi-disciplinary learning in Language Arts, Social Studies, and more. CSF awarded the 7th grade teaching team $3,236 for this purchase.
  • Music Therapy for special needs students at Maple, Wendy Bartolovich. Building on the enrichment experiences at Ignite that was funded in Fall 2015, music therapy will be brought to the students for continuing musical engagement that helps in all areas of students' development. CSF awarded $528 for this program
  • Science Olympiad Entrance Fees, Anne Clauser. Science Olympiad has had a long tradition with providing CMS and CHS students with opportunities to explore areas of science and engineering in great depth, and use that knowledge to compete against other schools. CSF has awarded $1,500 to fund Science Olympiad entry fees.
  • CHS Video Announcments Equipment, Victoria Eby. Improved lighting and microphones will complement the recently acquired camera and computer equipment (through CSF funding) to provide high quality morning announcements at CHS. CSF awarded $571 for this equipment.
  • Digital Bookmarks for 2nd grade students at Park, Jennifer Kreuz. Digital Bookmarks will help 2nd grade students log reading time. Students will gain independence and will be able to set, track and meet goals using these devices. CSF awarded $590 to acquire these bookmarks.
  • WeVideo Online video editor, Nicole Diehm. Students will be able to easily edit videos for assignments, which are becoming more and more popular with students and teachers alike in this digital age. CSF has awarded $1,197 towards purchase of software licenses.

Fall 2015

Our 2015 Fall Grant cycle awarded over $18,000 for the following programs: 

  • Family Science Day, Jackie Brown. In its fourth year, the Family Science Day is a free family event that provides students K-8 an opportunity to experience science in a hands-on way through 20 activity stations.  CSF awarded $1000 toward this event.
  • Thermal Cycler for CHS, Marilyn Rohr, Lisa Tekavec. This equipment will be used by high school biology and anatomy students when studying DNA. CSF awarded $2100 for this purchase.
  • Ukuleles for elementary music students, Sharon Monarchino and Samantha Puterbaugh. The ukulele was introduced to some of our elementary students a couple years ago and has become a favorite. CSF is partially supporting the purchase of additional ukulele’s so that each elementary school will have their own supply allowing more students to benefit from learning to play the instrument. CSF awarded $1005 toward the purchase.
  • Additional Equipment to complement existing digital data collection equipment, Tom Ciferno, Jill Carpenter, Dan Robertson. High school physics and physical science students will have additional sensors, interfaces and equipment needed to make full use of equipment already purchased by the district. CSF awarded $3135 for the purchase of additional equipment.
  • Maple special needs students will attend three programs at IGNITE, Diane Pirnat, Wendy Bartolovich, Angela Beekman. IGNITE is a local, non-profit organization who, in addition to other programs, offers programs specifically for special needs students in music therapy, art therapy, adapted open gym and adapted yoga. These are multi-sensory experiences that are not available at school. CSF awarded $855 toward these programs.
  • Heather Hill Biographies Partnership, Leigh Ann Ferguson. 30 Munson 5th graders will interview then write and illustrate the biographies of 15 Heather Hill residents. The books will be published and presented to the residents and their families. CSF awarded $450 toward this program.
  • Pilot two software programs that capture student performance data for analysis, Bob Francis and Amanda Dragar. Both software programs allow for the efficient collection of performance data in order to analyze how students are performing over the year against the Ohio Learning Standards. The sixth grade math teachers will test both programs to determine if the use of one of these programs would give them a better understanding performance in order to better prepare students to meet the standards. CSF awarded $922 toward this effort.
  • Equipment to study motion and friction, Jill Carpenter, Heather Spreitzer, Eric Bartley. 9th grade physical science students will use this more advanced, frictionless equipment to more accurately study motion, acceleration, and acceleration due to gravity and force. They will also have an opportunity to work with more advanced tables and graphs. CSF awarded $2122 for this purchase.
  • Book sets for a CMS after-school book club, Lisa Loncar. A dozen or so middle school students have formed a book club with the support of the library secretary. This award will provide a full sets of the selected books so that each student has a book to read and discuss. The book sets will also be available to other students and teachers. CSF awarded $1070 for the book club.
  • Author visit and writers workshop to CMS, Joanne DeShetler. In support of the CMSReads year-long initiative, the author of the book the eighth grade students read over the summer will conduct assemblies for each grade and work with the eighth graders specifically during a writing workshop. CSF awarded $1500 for this program.
  • Hilltop Echo student-published newspaper, Allen Herner. High school students produce regular online newspapers highlighting school and current events and one paper version at the end of the year. This grant funds the subscription to the online service used to produce the paper and the printing of the senior edition at the end of the year. CSF awarded $620 for the Hilltop Echo printing.
  • Ceramic mural in CHS, Deb Steytler. Art students along with their teachers will design and create a ceramic mural to install in the entrance of the high school for all to enjoy. Students will experience the full range of work needed to create and install a large art project. CSF awarded $1730 for this effort.
  • Musical instruments for elementary students, Samantha Puterbaugh. Students will learn abstract musical concepts using new Orff xylophones and metallophones. A learn by doing approach will promote creativity, communication, critical thinking and collaboration. CSF awarded $1831 toward the purchase of these instruments.




Art teacher, Deb Steytler received grant funds from the Chardon Schools Foundation to create murals with art students for CHS

Art teacher, Deb Steytler received grant funds from the Chardon Schools Foundation to create murals with art students for CHS