December 5, 2017

Chardon Schools Foundation Fall 2017 Grants

Chardon Middle School and High School students will benefit from $19,000 in grants awarded this fall by the Chardon Schools Foundation. From a 3D printer to robots to lab equipment and more, the educational experiences of our students will surely be enhanced and better prepare them for the world they will enter upon graduation.

At the middle school, all students will have access to a new 3D printer to make prototypes of science models, geometric shapes, or even ancient artifacts, and much more. This printer will bring to life engineering and design processes used in a variety of STEM fields. Also at the middle school, more students will be able to participate in the robotics club with the additional Lego Mindstorms sets purchased with a grant. They will learn how to build and program these robots and even participate in Junior Bot competitions where last year’s students finished in the top 10 teams.

High school students in the Multimedia Design class will have a new camcorder and microphone available to use to record segments both in the studio and outside of it for the morning announcements viewed by the whole school. The new equipment will result in higher quality productions and real-world experience for these students. You may have heard about something called flexible seating in schools and business. Some of our elementary school classes already have it and are seeing increased student focus and achievement. So, the foundation approved a grant to pilot flexible seating at the high school in Mr. Leikala’s class. Science students in biology and chemistry will benefit from the last grant awarded. Additional gas sensors will supplement those already purchased by the school district so that all students will be able to complete labs that meet the College Board requirements.

For 28 years, the Chardon Schools Foundation has helped fund creative and engaging educational grants to teachers in the Chardon Local School District. Grants from all Chardon Schools are reviewed and awarded in the fall and spring of each school year. By financially supporting innovative and creative educational programs, we help to ensure the highest quality education for the students of Chardon Local Schools. The Foundation raises funds through an auction in March and a 5k race in July along with individual donations. You can support our mission by sending a donation to Chardon Schools Foundation, PO Box 838, Chardon, Ohio 44024 or online here through our website.


Chardon Middle School Robotics Club students learn to build and program Lego robots provided by the Chardon Schools Foundation.

Chardon Middle School Robotics Club students learn to build and program Lego robots provided by the Chardon Schools Foundation.