December 2018

Chardon Schools Foundation Awards Fall Grants

Chardon Elementary, Middle School and High School students will benefit from $14,354 in grants awarded this Fall by Chardon Schools Foundation. By expanding hands-on opportunities through the addition of interactive alphabet tubs, new xylophones, an augmented classroom library and more to the provision of cutting-edge technological equipment such as 3D pens and pi-top laptops, our students' learning experiences will be markedly enriched in the 2018-2019 school year and beyond.

At Park Elementary, Kindergarteners will be introduced to Lakeshore Learning Alphabet Sounds Teaching Tubs, boosting hands-on participation in multisensory letter name, letter sound, phoneme segmentation, word spelling pattern and vocabulary building activities. As 3rd grade Social Studies classes engage in community-based investigative journalism, students can look forward to using digital cameras to capture their own photographs during a field trip within the Chardon community. Also at Park Elementary, the general music program will be enhanced to the tune of six additional Orff xylophones.

Munson Elementary's 1st through 3rd grade art classes will see their creative potential flourish through the use of CreoPop 3D cordless pens, which enable three-dimensional drawing without the use of a computer.

At the middle school, English Language Arts students in the sixth grade will gain access to an enhanced library of novels, texts, digital content, biographies, young adult literature and other highly desirable books; and an increased supply of noise-cancelling headphones. Furthermore, a partial grant has been applied towards the purchase of the school's very first Yamaha AvantGrande hybrid piano for use during choir and jazz band classes.

High school students enrolled in AP Computer Science Principles and Computer Science Discoveries classes will have the novel opportunity to use Raspberry Pi computers, enabling students to gain experience in building and programming a computer. Additionally, through the new Circuit of Success program for 8th graders, the addition of pi-top build-it-yourself laptops to the Innovation segment will introduce students to the world of coding and computer hardware, while the Leadership/Problem Solving segment will be equipped with Canon HD camcorders as part of the trending "flipped classroom" instructional strategy.

And also at the high school, Kelvin catapult kits will debut in 12th grade Physics classes for student use during the Storm the Castle project.

For 30 years, the Chardon Schools Foundation has helped fund creative and engaging educational grants to teachers in the Chardon Local School District. Grants from all Chardon Schools are reviewed and awarded in the fall and spring of each school year. By financially supporting innovative and creative educational programs, we help to ensure the highest quality education for the students of Chardon Local Schools. The Foundation raises funds through an auction in March and a 5k race in July along with individual donations. You can support our mission by sending a donation to Chardon Schools Foundation, PO Box 838, Chardon, Ohio 44024 or online here through our website.


Chardon Middle School Robotics Club students learn to build and program Lego robots provided by the Chardon Schools Foundation.

Chardon Middle School Robotics Club students learn to build and program Lego robots provided by the Chardon Schools Foundation.