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The Chardon Schools Foundation exists to provide encouragement and monetary support for programs that will promote educational excellence in the Chardon Local Schools. The Foundation will consider funding programs that fall within its formal statement of purpose and that satisfy its stated objective.
Trustees have the responsibility to all who contribute to the Foundation to choose carefully how funds are to be used. All ideas and programs will be considered. Proposals that offer well thought out programs that have as their primary objective the furtherance of educational excellence will have the best chance of being funded. 

Criteria for Funding
Proposed programs should be those that cannot be funded by the Board of Education because public funds are not available. The Foundation is especially interested in supporting programs that add excitement and imagination to the process of education. Proposals that are funded must be completed within a single school year after the application date. Programs that extend beyond one year or that repeat each year will be considered annually. Multi-year programs will not be automatically funded.

Selection Process
Complete the online application, or request a paper copy from your building principal. The Trustees of the Foundation will consider all funding requests in accordance with Foundation guidelines. Trustees may require additional information, may request that the proposal be resubmitted in a subsequent funding period, or may approve or disapprove the request as originally submitted.

Process for Submitting Proposals
Please submit the proposal using this online form or a paper copy (obtained from your building's principal), but not both. When submitting your proposal online, complete the fields on a separate document and copy and paste your responses, rather than typing them in here as grant applications cannot be saved mid-way. Please plan to complete the online application process in one sitting. When submitting an online application, send a copy of a letter from your building's principal approving of your project and email it to If your proposal includes a technology component, you must have an additional letter from the district's Technology Coordinator. Proposals without approval letters will not be considered. 

ALSO - Please send a separate email to informing us that you have used the online form so that we are sure we receive your application.

Proposal Deadline for submission: 11/1/19

Mandatory Grant Review Meeting: 11/7/19 6:30PM - Board Office.

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